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    Party Planning
    The Perfect Setting for:
    Bridal or Baby Showers, Ladies Club Luncheons, Little Lady Tea Parties, Graduations, Birthdays, Special Events & Meetings

Q&A about Party Planning:

How will the seating be and do you close to the public?

Parties over 10 will be placed in cluster of tables seating 3 to 4 people. Our most popular time for parties is at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. We also offer parties Sundays at 12 or even during the week. We plan on all our parties lasting around 2.5 hours. There will be a slight additional fee for parties lasting more than 2.5 hours.

Is two and half hours enough time?

Our experience is that two and half hours is ample time for you and your guests to enjoy tea service, open gifts and play games.

How soon should I book my party?

Large parties tend to book approximately 6-8 weeks ahead. We do occasionally have earlier openings, so please call for availability.

Can we bring/open gifts?

Yes, we have a gift area set-up for parties.

Are we allowed to play games?

Absolutely! We have found that games that are played at the table work best.

Can I bring in a Cake or Cupcakes?

We do allow for cakes and cupcakes to be brought in from a certified vendor (i.e., Publix). As a reminder, your party tray includes 5 mini tea desserts. Often our guests choose to have cupcakes as favors due to the amount of food. We ask that you bring in paper plates and plastic forks for serving.

Can I bring in Alcohol?

We don’t allow any alcohol to be brought into the tea room. Please contact us for other options.

Can I bring small children to my private party?

We are happy to have children in the tea room for private parties. We do ask that all children stay with their table and be supervised at all times because we handle very hot water. We also ask that respect is given to the other tables in the tea room that want to have an enjoyable experience. At this time, we do not have any highchairs available.

Can I bring in decorations?

The tea room is very festive, but you are welcome to bring in additional decorations. You are welcomed to bring in decorations for your tables but not necessary since we have the three tiered tray taking up the majority of the table. If you do bring in items we ask that no confetti, glitter or feathers be used. The host is welcomed to arrive 30 minutes early for set up.

Do you offer favors?

Yes, please visit our gift shop for ideas including spoons, tea bag holders, tea infusers, and more! We have many options available.

Can I have an early morning business meeting?

Yes, please contact us for early morning presentation availability. The tea room is great for team building exercises and gets employees out of the office.

What is the traditional party menu?

We offer five sandwiches, which may include: traditional cucumber, egg salad, spinach and cranberry. We offer five mini tea desserts along with two scones. All accompanied by choices of tea, water and clotted cream and lemon curd. Please contact us and we can accommodate an all vegetarian tray as well.

Are we able to split the check?

We are happy to accommodate split checks, however we do ask that it be limited to four credit cards. On those occasions where each guest will be paying for their own tea service, we will gladly give you an exact per person total in advance, including tax and gratuity, so that cash arrangements can be made in advance.